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Are you looking for a sure-fire way to help accelerate the growth of your business? Want to hear real-life stories and behind the scenes accounts direct from successful business owners and entrepreneurs from around the globe who use speaking to grow their business? The Voice For Good podcast delivers you valuable insights from some of the best entrepreneurs, innovators, pioneers, business owners and people in the business. You’ll come away with tangible strategies. From pitching and sales to solidifying your brand message, building your business profile, getting paid gigs or gaining more confidence, the Voice For Good Podcast will give you both the inspiration and information to help your business grow now and into the future.

Aug 3, 2019

Suzie Parkus is a serial entrepreneur of 19 years and in that time, she has set up and run 5 businesses spanning Fitness, Fashion, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Events, Dating Coaching, Match Making, PR, Publicity and Speaking. Suzie is also a soon to be author with 2 books in the pipeline, sharing her very own...